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Electric Bus HVAC Complete Solutions for More Comfortable Driving Time!

DATE: Apr 21st, 2021

Electric Bus HVAC Complete Solutions for More Comfortable Driving Time!

BTMS for Bus PTC Bus Heater Bus Defroster

Electric Bus HVAC Complete Solutions for More Comfortable Driving Time!

Electric buses are the new trend in nowadays and it is more eco-friendly in the inter city transportation way.
KingClima industry is devoted to the all electric bus hvac solutions for over 20 years and our high quality of electric bus air conditioners are suitable for 6-12m electric buses. We can also help customer to solve the cooling and heating requirement by provide customized products and service! Now to have better comfortable driving time, the following bus HVAC parts are necessary!

  • Cooling Capacity: 14kw/47769BTU
  • Apply: 6-7m electric buses
  • Voltage: DC400-750V
  • Cooling Capacity: 24kw/81891BTU
  • Apply: 7-9m electric buses
  • Voltage: DC400-750V
  • Cooling Capacity: 26kw / 89655BTU
  • Apply: 8-10m electric buses
  • Voltage: DC400-750V
  • Cooling Capacity: 33kw / 110000BTU
  • Apply: 12m electric buses
  • Voltage: DC400-750V
Find Electric Bus HVAC Solutions for 6 - 12m Electric Bus
1. Battery thermal management system (BTMS)

It is used for heating for electric bus battery in order to make the bus battery have a long working time in cold winter. Especially in cold winter, to add the BTMS it can increase bus running distance.


Independent battery thermal management system that install under the bus. 4KW/5KW/8KW heating capacity for choice.


Independent battery thermal management system that install roof top the bus cellling.  5KW/8KW heating capacity for choice.

2.  Electric Bus Heater (PTC Heater) 

It is also called as PTC heater (Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters) and it is independent heating system designed for the passengers space heating in cold winter. Usually it installed under the seat to blow warm air from under to above for a very comfortable bus time!
KCDS-03 Electric Bus Heater

Low Noise: The noise Life:

IP68 high voltage protection,ENC grade 3, 20000h long life fans
3. Electric Bus Defroster 

As its name says it is used for defrost in windshield, installed in the driver’s cab space. Blow warm air to defrost in windshield. It has another functions that to warm driver’s cab in cold winter! For electric bus defroster, we have the following two models for choice.

KCSQ-01 Electric Bus Defroster

5KW constant heating capacity to defrost in windshield and warm bus driver’s cab.

KCSQ-02 Electric Bus Defroster

3KW/5KW/8Kw adjustable heating capacity; defrost in windshield, warm bus driver’s cab and also have cooling functions to blow cool air in hot summer.

After knowing the electric bus HVAC parts to have a comfortable bus time, to have a high-end control panel that matched them and control them are necessary. Please see the below our KCM211 bus control panel.
KCM211 Control Pannel for  luxurious bus

For luxurious bus with different control functions: Cooling Function, Heating Function, Fresh Air Function, Air Purification, Eco Function, Defrost Function, Dehumidification Function, Zonal control function
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KingClima is one stop bus HVAC solutions for the OEM bus factory. We have our own bus ac produce factory to support the large orders with 2 weeks delivery time for our original bus ac models. 
For the electric bus HVAC units, we have very matured technology and has stand up to the market test because of the large amont of Yutong electric bus are put into market !
We also welcome customers to visit our factory! 

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