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Warranty Policy and Limited
To ensure the quality of KINGCLIMA'S after-sales service , maintain the benefits of theusers of KINGCLIMA products , we make the following service rules conformity withthe quality law and some other regulations and standard:
I . Activate the service to serve the product user effectively , please return theproductreceiptorvisitourwebsitewww.kingclima.com)toregistertoenablethecompany to provide effective archiving , tracking and services.

II . Proof of The Warranty : the driver's ID card , the original driving permit of thevehide ( or purchasing receipt ) , and the corresponding " Product MaintenanceManual.

III . Object Warranted : Only the A / C assembly for bus or coach provided byKINGCLIMA Industry.

IV. Items Warranted : Warranty only covers fault caused by frequently use , notcaused by man-made damage.

V.Warranty Rules : Whether the products is in the warranty , is judged by KINGCLIMAor its authorized dealers according to the warranty rules , clients has the right to appeal the result.

VI. Rights and Duty

1 . This rule is valid since the date of purchasing the Air Conditioning ( HVAC ) andrefrigeration systems , KING CLIMA and its authorized dealer has the right to modifiedhe rules .
2 . The clients has the duty to monitor KINGCLIMA and its service dealers , andcooperate to meet the reasonable requests of KINGCLIMA .
3 . Please show the requested warranty certificate , ( ID of vehicle owner , licence orinvoice of the vehicle , product warranty manual ) . Without the certificate or withno clear label to specify the rights of the warranted owner , KINGCLIMA and its dealerhas the rights to refuse the warranty.
4 . Users in the warranty activity should cooperate with the KINGCLIMA and itsauthorized dealer to solve the fault . Damages caused by the delay of the user orother reasons caused by force majeure , KINGCLIMA won't accept the loss and keepthe right to get the compensation.

This warranty shall not be valid when the reported faults are as a consequence ofinaccurate usage , wrong handling.
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