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Kingclima240E For 7-9M Bus

Cooling Capacity: 24kw/81891BTU
Apply: 7-9m electric buses
Voltage: DC400-750V
Product Description
Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction of KingClima240E Electric Bus Hvac System

Kingclima240E model is electric air conditioner for all kind of E-Vehicles, rooftop mounted, equipped with two sets of electric scroll compressors, make the cooling efficient best, suit for 7-9m electric buses. Optional heating systems, DC400-720V voltage, R407C refrigerant, 4 condenser fans and 4 evaporator blowers.

Features of KingClima240E Electric Bus hvac

Kingclima240E is 24kw cooling capacity, designed for 7-9m electric buses. 
Efficient: with DC variable-frequency compressor and brushless fans, the efficiency is improved a lot.
Reliable: all components is reaching passenger car level, waterproof IP rating is IP67 level.
Protection devices: high pressure and low pressure protection devices, short circuit protection device, phase loss protection device, multiple insulation protection device and have the E-MARK certifications.
Advanced: Stable heating under - 20℃ through low temperature heat pump. 
Intelligent: with advanced PI variable-frequency control, stepless regulation according to the temperature inside and outside, to save 15% energy;
Ultralight: we reduced the length and weight, which make the whole electric bus ac units more good appearance and power saving. 
Quiet: with DC brushless fan and soundproof materials, noise level reduced more than 2dB.
Kingclima240E Technical
Technical of KingClima240E Electric Bus hvac
Model KingClima-240E
Cooling Capacity 20700 Kcal/h / 24kw / 82000BTU
Heating Capacity 19000 Kcal/h /22 kw / 76000BTU
Input Voltage Range(Main power line) DC400 V~DC750V
Input Voltage Range (Control system) DC-24V 5A
Fresh Air 1250 m3/h
Refrigerant R407c/2.2kg*2 
Compressor Model Electric Variable - Frequency Compressor
Displacement 34cc
Oil Type HAF68
Evaporator Type Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
Air Flow 4,000 m3/h
Blower Type 7-speed centrifugal type EBM Brushless Blower
No. of Blower 4 pcs
Condenser Type Copper  Pipe and Aluminum foil
Air Flow 6000 m3/h
Fan Type Axial type Brushless Fan
No. of Fan 4 pcs
Control sytem CAN control system with 7 speed air flow adjusting module
Expansion  Valve Electronic expansion valve Danfoss ETS6-18
Weight 245KG (Standard) or 228KG (Lightweight)
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 2500*1920*265mm
Application 7-9meter Full Electric Bus ,Trolley bus, Tram ,New Energy bus and meter Hybrid Bus
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