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Kingclima-600E Rear Mounted Electric Air Conditioner For Bus

Cooling Capacity: 52000 (Kcal/h) / 60KW
Apply: 10-12 meters high-end E double deck bus
Voltage: 600V (400-750V)
Product Description
KINGCLIMA-600E is a fully electric A/C system for high-end E double deck bus  10-12 meters, using the most up to date technologies and innovations.
1. We choose to use two scroll DC compressors,   with   frequency   conversion   technology,   working voltage 600V (400-750V).It has a much smaller body, but performs like a beast. Saving up to20% energy
2. Select world most famous EBM DC brushless fans/blowers; thanks to brushless technologies, they have longer life span and higher efficiency.

3. We use electric Danfoss expansion valve,much faster response and more accurate control on system refrigerant flow.

4. From product proposal to its design & verification, we have a complete system, and have passed European Union quality tests, to guarantee our superior quality.
Items: Specification:
Cooling capacity: 52000 (Kcal/h) / 60KW
Heating capacity: 50000 (Kcal/h) / 58 KW
Condenser air flow: 12000 (m3/h)
Evaporator air flow: 10000 (m3/h)
Fresh air: Without
Refrigerant type: R407C
Compressor oil: HAF68
Refrigerant filling volume: 3.5*2 (Kg) prefilled
Evaporator coil: Copper tube & alum fin
Condenser coil: Copper tube & alum fin
Power consumption when cooling: 14 (KW)
Power consumption when heating: 13.5 (KW) (Not include PTC consumption)
PTC heater: 2*12.5(KW)
Condenser fan: 24V 5 pcs brushless
Evaporator blower: 24V 10 pcs brushless
Dimension (L*W*H) 2000*765*1187 (cm)
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