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KingClimg E Series Electric Bus HVAC Systems Promotion

DATE: Mar 20th, 2021

New Trend for Electric Bus HVAC Systems

Electric bus air conditioner is a new trend in nowadays for the electric bus OEM market. KingClima as the leading manufacturer of bus HVAC units provide the latest electric cooling solutions for E-bus.

KingClima E Series of Electric Bus Air Conditioners for E-Bus Market

KingclimaE series electric bus air conditioner is specially designed for 6-12m all electric buses&coaches, double return air grille, smaller volume,lighter weight make this series very popular in the European market. KingClima provide the OEM of bus ac solutions for over 15 years in the world market.

Features of KingClimaE Series Electric Bus Air Conditioner

● DC electric scroll compressor
● Copper tube core
● Electronic expansion valve
● EBM large volume fans and blowers
● SMC/LFT environmental protection shell

heating optional choices for a more comfortable driving time:
● heat pump
PTC bus heater
Bus defroster
● electric wall heater

KingclimaE series bring cool summers and warm winters to passengers and drivers!


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