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Kingclima240E Electric Bus HVAC System Delivery to Korea

DATE: May 10th, 2021
In Korea, the electric bus air conditioners are popular for their HYUNDAI electric bus and WOOJIN electric bus. It is so pleased to have one of our customers from Korea and ordered KingClima electric bus hvac system for their Hyundai electric bus.

They ordered 9 sets of KingClima240E electric bus air conditioners with heat pump and PTC heaters and defrosters for their 7-9m meter buses for test in their city. After the payment, KingClima production department only use two weeks make all products ready and recently it will be delivery by sea to Korea.

Kingclima240E Electric Bus HVAC System Delivery to Korea

Kingclima240E Electric Bus Air Conditioner Features and Brief Introduction

KingclimaE series bus air conditioner is specially designed for 6-12m all electric buses&coaches, double return air grille, smaller volume,lighter weight make this series very popular in the European market.

The features of Kingclima240E bus air conditioning including :

DC electric scroll compressor
Copper tube core
Electronic expansion valve
EBM large volume fans and blowers
SMC/LFT environmental protection shell
... ...

And our KingclimaE series electric bus air conditioner also has a heating option,heat pump, PTC heater,defroster,electric wall heater can meet the heating requirements of different customers.
KingclimaE series electric bus air conditioner bring cool summers and warm winters to passengers and drivers.

Cooperation with KingClima for Air Conditioning Solutions For Buses

KingClima industry as the leading manufacturer and supplier of bus HVAC solutions in China has very good experience in the bus cooling and heating requirement. With our high efficient production line in our factory, we can make sure the delivery time is not more than 2 weeks for our conventional bus air conditioners, we can also provide the customized solutions for our customers.

For the all electric bus HVAC solutions, it is a very matured technology for us and we have already put it into production and into Yutong electric buses for over 10 years with a very good feedback. Now in our city most of the electric Yutong bus has installed our electric bus air conditioners!

For the corporation, any needs or questions just please feel free to send mails to us :
busclima@kingclima.com . We are looking forward to providing the professional bus air conditioner solutions for you .
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