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Two Choices for Electric Bus Defrosters

DATE: May 19th, 2021
It maybe annoyed that you cannot see clearly when driving a bus and may case some accidents in cold winter because of the frost in windshield. So how to solve it? Usually most of transportation companies will add an windshield defroster for the bus to deal with it. That is good choice.

What KingClima can Provide for your Electric Bus HVAC Systems for a Comfortable Solutions?

KingClima can provide two models of electric bus defroster. Here are the two models that you may have interest:
  1. KCSQ-01 Electric Single Heating Defroster

As its name said, it is single heating, 5KW rated heating capacity, it can meet most of the defrosting demands.

Two Choices for Electric Bus Defrosters
Photo: KCSQ-01 electric bus defroster

  1. KCSQ-02 Electric Heating and Cooling Defroster

As its name said, the KCSQ-02 electric bus defroster not only has heating system but also has cooling system. For it heating system, it is used for defrost windshield and also can warm the driver’s cab space; for it cooling system, it is like a small air conditioners to blow cool air in hot summer for driver’s cab. Besides that, for the KCSQ-02, its heating system is adjustable with 3kw/5kw/8kw heating capacity.

Two Choices for Electric Bus Defrosters
Photo: KCSQ-02 electric bus defroster

So now you must have a clear mind of electric bus defroster. Besides that, another questions for you, how can I control these data, such as temperature, moisture, air quality... you will find solutions in my next article.

KingClima is your best bus HVAC solutions manufacturer in China! Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in the electric bus hvac systems.

Two Choices for Electric Bus Defrosters
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