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KingClima Helps You Mine Bus Air Conditioning Data And Discover Value

DATE: Dec 14th, 2022
Data, which has permeated every industry today, has become an important factor of production. The mining and use of massive amounts of data by people heralds a new wave of productivity growth and consumer surplus. The rapid development of the Internet and information industry in recent years has made big data a hot topic of concern.

What is bus air conditioner big data technology application?

The bus air conditioning big data technology application is based on the collected air conditioning usage data, integrated with the use of Telematics technology, cloud computing technology, big data analysis technology and predictive maintenance technology, etc., to achieve regional climate analysis of the air conditioning application environment, comfort analysis of the air conditioning usage process, advance prediction of air conditioning product failures, etc., to better provide data value for customers' comfortable travel, and to optimize innovation of products and dig new It brings great value to the optimization and innovation of products and the exploration of new ideas and creativity.

KingClima Helps You Mine Bus Air Conditioning Data And Discover Value

Regional climate analysis

KingClima bus hvac systems use powerful big data analysis technology to capture global climate data and redefine the five regions of air conditioner configuration: cold regions, cold regions, mild regions, hot summer and cold winter regions, and hot summer and warm winter regions. According to the customer's regional needs, the air conditioning configuration is tailored to effectively ensure that the product meets the usage requirements of the customer's region.

Bus Air conditioning comfort analysis

1 Statistical analysis of panel setting temperature
Statistical customer use habits, according to the product use requirements of different regions to adjust the factory default temperature of the air conditioner, reducing the driver's manual adjustment, so that the air conditioner runs in the best data state. Reduce the operation and drive with more peace of mind!
2 Cooling effect analysis
Through big data analysis, there is a more intuitive understanding of the use of the product, and many aspects to determine whether the product can meet the comfort requirements of customers.
3 Air conditioning failure predictive maintenance analysis
By observing the changes in the parameters of the air conditioning operation status, you can predict the air conditioning failure that is not easy to detect and the process is slow, find the problem in time, take the initiative to maintain, reduce operating costs, and ensure trouble-free operation of the product.

KingClima Helps You Mine Bus Air Conditioning Data And Discover Value

Helping you dig into bus air conditioning data and discover value

Providing customers with personalized and customized product solutions to meet their comfort needs according to their regional needs.
Product operation convenience enhancement can liberate customers and comfort at the touch of a button.
Fault predictive maintenance improves air conditioner sustainable operation time and reduces operation cost.
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