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Give Your Bus Air Conditioner A Cleaning

DATE: Dec 8th, 2022

KingClima Bus Air Conditioning for Comfortable Travel

As a first-class air conditioning solutions for buses provider in China, KingClima's car air conditioning products have been exercising its duties - cooling, heating and ventilation.

Give Your Bus Air Conditioner A Cleaning

Why do you need to clean and disinfect your bus air conditioner?

Bus hvac system, like home air conditioners, will become moist on the evaporator surface during operation. When airborne dust and bacteria enter the interior of the air conditioner, they may bond with the evaporator surface condensate and reside in the evaporator and even the ventilation ducts. Over time, even when the air conditioner is turned on there is an odor inside the bus. In this way, one is to affect the cooling and cooling effect of the air conditioner, the second may affect health.
The role of the bus air conditioning filter is very much like a mask, filtering all kinds of messy, visible and invisible harmful substances to ensure good air quality in the car. The simplest and most important measure to clean the air conditioner is to clean and disinfect the filter.

Give Your Bus Air Conditioner A Cleaning

The obvious benefits of cleaning and disinfecting the bus air conditioning filter are as follows.

1. enhanced cooling. After the bus air conditioning filter is cleaned, there is less dust, less dirt and less bacteria in the air conditioner, the airflow exchange is smooth and the cooling effect is significantly enhanced.
2. Benefit health. Do a good job of filter cleaning will greatly reduce the incidence of "air conditioning syndrome" in the car.
3. Extend the service life. Air conditioner working mechanism and environment improvement, life extension.
4. Reduce energy consumption. Air conditioning efficiency is improved and energy consumption is reduced.
5. Reduction of expenses. The failure rate of cleaned air conditioners is reduced, saving more maintenance expenses.

How often is the best time to clean and disinfect the air conditioner?

The best frequency to clean and disinfect the air conditioner filter is once every six months, or at least once a year. Preferably in spring and autumn.
The bus is a space that carries happiness, and the car air conditioner represents health and comfort. We hope you do a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning system.

Give Your Bus Air Conditioner A Cleaning
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