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Airsuper400 bus hvac system exported to Belarus

DATE: Dec 22nd, 2022

KingClima bus air conditioners are well received

As summer temperatures rise, bus air conditioning systems have become a necessity for public transportation. With the confined space inside the bus, the issue of air cleanliness cannot be ignored. KingClima bus hvac system have a fresh air system that can create a healthier and safer riding environment.
In recent years, KingClima has been cooperating closely with bus manufacturers around the world, and the excellent quality and process advantages of KingClima bus air conditioners, the efficiency, safety and comfort of the products are unique in the global market. KingClima will provide better air conditioning solutions for buses, set the industry benchmark and lead the development of the industry.

Airsuper400 bus hvac system exported to Belarus

Recently, 8 units of Airsuper400 were exported to Belarus. The customer has received the products and is installing them now. Here are the pictures of the installation.

Airsuper400 bus hvac system exported to Belarus
Airsuper400 bus hvac system exported to Belarus

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