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7 Sets of School Bus Air Conditioners Export to Southeast of Asia

DATE: Nov 1st, 2021
KingClima can provide Bus HVAC Systems including Electric Bus AC Units, AirSuper/KingClima/Wind/SCool Series Traditional Bus AC Units. They can be used for activity buses, shuttle buses, coach buses, school buses and commercial buses,etc.

Days ago, we just sent 7 sets of Bus Air Conditioners for School Buses to Southeast of Asia. They used on the 7-8 meters long school buses.

Most of the countries in southeast of Asia located south of the tropic of Cancer. Near the equator, the seasons are like summer, hot all year round, and the annual temperature is between 25°C and 30°C. Most areas of the year are divided into dry season and rainy season only. What's bad is that in these hot or humid areas, there are still many school buses that are not equipped with air conditioning systems, making children and drivers have to endure the sultry environment and motion sickness, causing physical discomfort.
KingClima Bus Air Conditioners for School buses

KingClima School Bus Air Conditioners greatly improved the ride experience for students and drivers. It has the ability to cool a bus from 38°C to 20°C in half an hour. Also the protection level of all waterproof plug-ins reaches IP67. Dustproof, waterproof, anti-vibration, can be soaked in water without damage, and meet the requirements of automotive-grade parts. So our SCool Series Bus Air Conditioners can work perfectly in these areas.

KingClima School Bus AC Units
Bacteria are prone to breed in hot weather areas. Through KingClima air purification technology, we can maintain the PM2.5 concentration in the bus at 40 micrograms per cubic meter within 60 minutes, which is far below the international requirement of 75 micrograms per cubic meter, while achieving sterilization, Anti-virus, deodorization, and the effect of purifying the air in the bus.
KingClima School Bus AC Unit

If you need Bus Air Conditioners no matter Electric Bus AC Units or Traditional Bus AC Units, just please feel free to contact us. We must offer the best service and solutions for you.
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