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KingClima Second Generation of Low Temperature Heat Pump Air Conditioning

DATE: Nov 11th, 2021

With the application of pure electric buses more and more widely, KINGCLIMA has continuous investments in research and development efforts to develop pure electric air conditioning. Since the research of the new R410A refrigerant air conditioner in 2013, KingClima has been continuously improving and updating the Electric Bus HVAC Systems, making it continuously adapt to the changes of the market and gaining high recognition from customers.


Based on the first generation of integrated air conditioning, the integration of R410A heat pump technology, through continuous iteration and upgrading, to achieve reliable operation of the heat pump system at -25℃. KINGCLIMA second generation low temperature heat pump integrated air conditioning has the following unsurmountable advantages over similar products in the market :

KingClima Second Generation of Low Temperature Heat Pump Air Conditioning

1. Stronger environmental adaptability and low energy consumption

The new Electric Bus Air Conditioners with low-temperature heat pump integrated air conditioner uses R410A refrigerant, which can operate reliably and stably in the ambient temperature range of -25℃ to 50℃. The power consumption in the whole winter is more than 30% lower than that of R407C.

2. Improve EMC interference

In view of EMC interference problem of Electric Bus AC Unit, the integrated technology of compressor inverter is adopted, which makes EMC reach the national level 3 standard and pass EU E-mark certification.

3. Air conditioning is quieter

Use PWM stepless speed regula tion brushless fan, accurate control of wind speed, to ensure that the fan at the most appropriate speed, and then reduce the noise of the whole system.

4. Air conditioning heating and battery cooling, energy saving and environmental protection

With the original system design, the Electric Bus Air Conditioners can realize the function of battery cooling when heating, and make full use of the battery cooling, so as to increase the heating capacity of the electric bus ac unit by 10%.

If you need Bus Air Conditioners no matter Electric Bus AC Units or Traditional Bus AC Units, just please feel free to contact us. We must offer the best service and solutions for you.


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