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KingClima Bus Air Conditioners For Desert Area

DATE: Jan 11th, 2022
KingClima provides the whole Bus HVAC System Solutions including Electric Bus HVAC Systems, Traditional Bus Air Conditioners, Bus AC Spare Parts and so on.
KingClima Bus Air Conditioners Solutions

Qatar next year is a place of common concern for football fans all over the world! The impression of everyone in Qatar is tropical desert, high temperature, little rain, sandy, and hot (the highest temperature is over 50℃, and the surface temperature is over 60℃). These are also great challenges for bus air conditioners.
KingClima Bus Air Conditioners

The sandy environment in Qatar can easily cause the bus air conditioner to become dirty and clogged. The high temperature will cause the bus air conditioner to condense inefficiently. Each challenge is a big test for the KingClima Bus Air Conditioner R & D Team. So how to improve the efficiency of the bus air conditioning there? How to quickly remove dust and how to maintain it easily there? How to pursue a more perfect bus air conditioning solution there ? It is the goal that KingClima people challenge the limit and surpass themselves.

Because of the environmental characteristics of Qatar, new changes have been made to KingClima bus air conditioner, our Airsuper400 Bus Air Conditioner use a big copper tube core to increase the thermal area and efficiency. Use the new return air filter, the new material makes the high wind speed scene more capable of adsorbing sand and dust, making the bus air conditioner easier to clean. At the same time, we have added new controls to control evaporation wind speed, pressure value, temperature value, and expansion valve opening and closing to keep the air conditioner in a better working mode forever.
Airsuper400 Bus Air Conditioners
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