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KingClima Low Temperature Heat Pump Bus Air Conditioner

DATE: Jan 12th, 2022
KingClima provides the whole Bus Air Conditioner Solutions including Electric Bus Air Conditioners , Traditional Bus Air Conditioners , Bus AC Spare Parts and so on.

KingClima Bus Air Conditioners
With the continuous advancement of clean energy, the scope of use of pure electric buses is constantly expanding. Different working conditions and different environments pose great challenges and higher requirements for pure electric vehicles. In order to ensure that pure electric bus can normally use air conditioners for heating in high and cold areas, KingClima has launched a new R410A Low Temperature Heat Pump Electric Bus Air Conditioner.
KingClima Bus Air Conditioners

KingClima R410A low temperature heat pump Bus Air Conditioner is developed based on the KINGCLIMA-E series Electric Bus Air Conditioner. The low temperature heat pump bus air conditioner use R410A environmental refrigerant, LFT,RTM etc new environment protection high strength material, DC400-750V scroll compressor,EBM blowers etc high quality accessories. Simultaneously adopt multiple protection functions such as current, voltage, refrigerant temperature, pressure, etc.

KingClima provides better Electric Bus HVAC Systems for pure electric buses.
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