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30 Sets Of KK-400 Bus AC Export to Southeast Of Asia

DATE: Oct 27th, 2021
Days ago, KingClima team sent 30 Sets of KK-400 Bus Air Conditioners to Southeast Of Asia. This model was designed Engine Direct Driven type and Rooftop Mounted Installation. Excepet these traditional bus air conditioners , we also have Electric Bus HVAC Systems for use. Just please feel free to contact us for your own solutions.
The cooling capacity of KK-400 is 40KW/ 34,482Cal/h/13,7931BTU , equipped with Bock 655K compressors (or you can also choose the larger displacement compressors for hot ambient temperate places). It suits for 11-13m city buses or coaches.

KK-400 Bus Air Conditioners have five fans and six blowers, which means Evaporator Air Flow can reach 7000m³/h and Condenser Air Flow can reach 9500 m³/h.

And we use Lightweight SMC materials for the product's cover and LFT materials for the product's base -- 

1. SMC composite material is the abbreviation of Sheet molding compound which is sheet molding plastic. Lightweight SMC is for conventional SMC, which reduces the density while maintaining the original performance of the SMC, so as to reduce the weight without changing the product structure. Lightweight SMC material is molded at one time at high temperature and has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, and flame retardancy. Product consistency, good dimensional stability, and high efficiency.
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2. LFT material is long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite materials, which refer to products produced by mixing reinforced fibers with a length of more than 10mm and thermoplastic polymers. LFT parts have excellent mechanical properties, high specific stiffness and specific strength, good impact resistance, good dimensional stability, high precision of molded parts, and good fatigue resistance. Flame retardant, environmental protection, recyclable, low density, high production efficiency, suitable for large-scale production.
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We have four automated assembly production lines, three heat exchanger production lines, and Italian imported fan automated production lines, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 Bus Air Conditioners.

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KingClima Bus HVAC Solutions have fully covered various market segments such as road passenger transportation, tourism, public transportation, groups, school buses, special buses, cold chain logistics, etc. And including Electric Bus AC Units, AirSuper/KingClima/Wind Series Traditional Bus AC Units.

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