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KK400 LIGHTWEIGHT Bus Air Conditioner

DATE: Sep 18th, 2021
As the professional Bus Air Conditioner Manufacturer in China, KingClima can provide the whole bus cooling solutions for our customers including electric bus hvac systems , traditional bus air conditioners and Bus AC parts.

In order to continuously meet the requirements of customers and the design of various brands of new vehicles, KINGCLIMA has been constantly developing and improving the bus air conditioner. In 2021 KingClima launches ultra light design air conditioner--KK400. Now let me introduce this product to you in detail :

Super Light Weight:

The KK400 uses extreme lightweight design air conditioner, the weight is only 170kg, compared with other traditional air conditioners, the weight is reduced by 40%.
KK400 LIGHTWEIGHT Bus Air Conditioner

Large Cooling Capacity :

Use self - made super large air volume fan and large diameter inner thread copper pipe evaporation core,let the cooling capcity and performance exceed the international fist-class level .
KK400 LIGHTWEIGHT Bus Air Conditioner

Quiet :

The KK400 whole air conditioner and accessories are subjected to strict noise testing by our professional noise laboratory, Let the air conditioning in a super quiet way to bring cool customers .
KK400 LIGHTWEIGHT Bus Air Conditioner


Use new air filter element,it can reduce PM2.5 to ensure the air quality in the bus .
KK400 LIGHTWEIGHT Bus Air Conditioner

Easy :

We optimized mounting method and cover,installation, maintenance and repair time reduced by more than 50%, a person can quick repair and demolition the air conditioner .

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