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Why does KingClima Bus Air Conditioners Can Ensure Quality ?

DATE: Oct 12th, 2021
KingClima always put the quality and service of our Bus Air Conditioning first, we try our best to offer the best Electric Bus Air Conditioners and other kinds of Bus Air Conditioners as well. See what we did to give our customers best.

To enable customers to use the high-quality bus air conditioners, KingClima bus air conditioners are in strict accordance with the industry and national standards in the design and production of strict quality control of bus air conditioners, we have nearly 200 pieces of test equipment :
NVH Noise Testing
All series of bus air conditioners and condensing fans, evaporating fans, compressors and other major components of bus air conditioners have been systematically analyzed and tested to ensure that the noise level meets and exceeds the standard.
KingClima bus air conditioners

Vibration Testing
A vibration test is conducted to simulate the vibration of buses in the process of driving and verify the anti-vibration performance of bus air conditioners and various components.
KingClima bus air conditioner
Environmental Testing
Its main test of bus air conditioner and components of high and low- temperature performance, fan limit life, electromagnetic compatibility etc.  
KingClima bus ac units
Core and Material Testing
For solenoid valve life, material corrosion resistance, material cleanliness, material flame retardant test.  
KingClima bus air conditioning
Rain Testing
All of KingClima bus air conditioners go through a strict rain test, to ensure that the airtight air conditioning will not leak on rainy days.  
KingClima bus ac unit
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