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What is KingClima Bus HVAC System Advantages ?

DATE: Jul 29th, 2021

KingClima-World Leading Manufacturer of Bus HVAC Systems

As a professional research and development institution of bus air conditioner,KINGCLIMA Air Conditioning is not only a simple bus air conditioning accessories supplier, we have been leading the industry in the field of air conditioning lightweight, heat pump air conditioning high efficiency, thermal system simulation analysis, simulation calculation, frequency conversion control, intelligent network, remote monitoring/diagnosis and other technology, with many cutting-edge technological advantages.

What is KingClima Bus HVAC System Advantages ? - KingClima

KingClima Bus HVAC Systems Advantage 1: ENERGY SAVING

Frequency conversion regulation technology
The fans use PWM speed regulation technology, can automatically the fans according to requirements,  energy saving

Use High quality Electronic expansion valve
According to the temperature difference between inside and outside the bus, automatically and accurately adjust the flow of the expansion valve

Gas replenishment and enthalpy increase technology
Solving the cold area ordinary bus air conditioner can’t heat or heat shortage,the average daily energy consumption in -10℃ area is more than 30% lower than that of ordinary bus air conditioning

KingClima Bus HVAC Systems Advantage 2: COMFORTABLE

Computer aided analysis techniques
Through computer-aided analysis, the wind speed distribution and temperature field in the vehicle's air duct and passenger cabin are analyzed and evaluated to improve the ride comfort

Temperature and humidity control technology
Unique temperature and humidity control system in the car, combined with the latest temperature and humidity, comfort curve in Europe, relying on the postdoctoral mobile station for in-depth research on refrigeration, to achieve the best customer experience

The fan noise reduction
Develop low noise fans to reduce noise and improve comfort through evaporation and condensing fan motor and blade optimization technology

Noise reduction technology
Using the system pipe silencer technology, greatly reduce the compressor exhaust pulse noise and pipe vibration

KingClima Bus HVAC Systems Advantage 3: LIGHTWEIGHT

Full DC frequency conversion technology
The weight of the compressor is 44Kg and the frequency converter is 15kg to 7.5kg, and the weight of the whole air conditioner is reduced by more than 30% compared with that of AC products

SMC/LFT/RTM one-time molding technology
The density of SMC/LFT/RTM material is 1.2~1.6, which is 20% ~30% lighter than that of aluminum alloy air conditioner with the same strength

Micro channel heat exchanger technology
The industry's top micro channel heat dissipation flat tube, greatly reducing the weight of the heat exchanger itself, compared with the tube plate heat exchanger 60% light

Aluminum alloy frame structure technology
The condensing heat exchanger shell adopts a frame

KingClima Bus HVAC Systems Advantage 4: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION

Air purification technology
Through the air purification technology, the concentration of PM2.5 in the car can be maintained at 40 micrograms /m³ within 60 minutes, far lower than the national standard 75 micrograms /m³ requirements, at the same time to achieve the effect of sterilization, anti-virus, deodorization, purifying the air inside the bus

Strict environmental requirements
All kinds of components of KINGCLIMA bus air conditioning are screened according to strict environmental standards, and environmental tests are far higher than the industry standards

KingClima Bus HVAC Systems Advantage 5: Diversified Demands

AirSuper Series Bus Rooftop Air Conditioners
Designed for inter city bus, large cooling capacity and very reliable working performance. It is matured in the market for over 15 years.

KingClima Series transit bus air conditioner
It is double return air designed, compact structure, which are used for luxury coaches or buses.

Wind Series City Bus Air Conditioner
Front wind design, very better cooling performance and suitable for the sea shore countries.

KingClimaE Series E-Bus HVAC
New energy bus air conditioners for all electric bus hvac. 
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