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Wind360 for 10-11M bus

36KW cooling capacity, rooftop mounted
Easy to maintain, adopt relay control system
Shell is made from SMC environmentally friendly recyclable materials
Product Description
36KW Cooling Solutions for ac Unit for Buses
Wind series bus air conditioners are hot sale model. It has the front wind design, which is easy to dissipate heat to make the transit buses have a best cooling efficiency and bring passengers a very cool and pleasant journey time.
Wind360 is bus roof air conditioner, 36kw cooling capacity, equipped with Bock 560K compressors (or choose the more larger displacement compressors for hot ambient temperate places), suit for 10-11m city buses or coaches.
Features of Wind360 Coach & Bus Air Conditioning
★ Wind360 rooftop mounted bus air conditioning system’s cooling capacity is 36KW, used for 10-11 meter city buses and coaches.
★ Front wind design: micro-channel heat exchanger, 25% reduction in weight, 5% reduction in fuel consumption, heat exchange efficiency is improved by 20%, refrigerant charged is 50% less, cooling capacity is increased 10%.
★ LFT-D housing, with excellent anti corrosion and climate proof performance, suitable for extreme environmental conditions.
★ Rubber and thermal insulation materials, environmentally friendly, antiseptic, odourless and flame-retardant(A-0).
★ Patented CAN control, modular design, digital communication; PWM control module, evaporator fan stepless speed regulation; smart condenser fan control, cooling on demand.
★ Hydrophilic aluminum fins punched into wave, increased the heat exchanging size, greatly improved the heat exchanging performance,
★ Fault code display, make the maintenance more convenient.
Technical of Wind360 Bus Roof Air Conditioner
Model Wind360
Cooling Capacity 123000BTU / 36KW / 31000Kcal/h
Heating Capacity Optional
Fresh Air 1500 m3/h
Refrigerant R134a/7.5KG
Compressor Model Bock FK40/560K
  Displacement 554cc
  Weight 33KG
  Oil Type FUCHS Reniso Triton Se55
Evaporator Type Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
  Air Flow 6,000 m3/h
  Blower Type 7-speed centrifugal type
  No. of Blower 6 pcs
  Current 48A
Condenser Type Micro-channel heat exchanger
  Air Flow 7600 m3/h
  Fan Type Axial type
  No. of Fan 4 pcs
  Current 32A
Total Current < 85A
Weight 206KG
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 3010*1902*225
Application 10-11 Meter City Bus & Coach
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