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KingClima Electric Bus Air Conditioner Will Develop With Electric Buses

DATE: Aug 25th, 2022

KingClima electric bus air conditioner will develop with electric buses

The ban on the sale of fuel cars and the development of new energy vehicles have become the consensus of all countries in the world. The rapid development of the automobile industry has provided great convenience to our lives, but at the same time, automobile exhaust has become an important source of environmental pollution, resulting in the continuous deterioration of our living environment, climate warming and decreasing oil resources have caused global concern. Countries around the world have introduced environmental protection policies, and new energy vehicles have become the future development trend and the leading development direction of the automotive industry. In this context, many countries have introduced the time and regulations to ban the sale of fuel cars. Developed countries such as the US, Japan and Europe have introduced timetables for banning the sale of fuel vehicles and have formulated strategies for technological change and industrial upgrading of new energy vehicles.

KingClima Electric Bus Air Conditioner Will Develop With Electric Buses

Become A World-class Electric Bus HVAC System Manufacturer

In the field of electric bus air conditioning, we have launched six types of air conditioning solutions for buses successively, which can meet the needs of customers. If we use a few words to describe the KingClima bus havc system, it is efficient, reliable, advanced. The air conditioning uses DC frequency conversion compressor and brushless fan, which greatly improves the efficiency, and all the components reach the passenger car level.

KingClima Electric Bus Air Conditioner Will Develop With Electric Buses

Provide the best solution for our customers

Through our efforts, we have successfully developed efficient, environmental protection, energy-saving bus hvac system. KingClima bus air conditioner in energy saving excellent performance, comprehensive performance is in the international leading level. If you interest electric bus hvac systems, welcome to contact us!
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