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Advantages of KingClima Electric Bus HVAC Systems

DATE: Aug 31st, 2022

KingClima air conditioning solutions for buses have been spread all over the world

In recent years, the accelerated development of the automobile industry in various countries, which also brings the problems of environmental pollution and energy shortage. New energy vehicles are being paid more and more attention by the society. The electric bus air conditioning we have developed conforms to the development trend of The Times, which can protect the environment and provide comfortable temperatures for drivers and passengers. KingClima air conditioning solutions for buses have been spread all over the world.

Advantages of KingClima Electric Bus HVAC Systems

Advantages of KingClima electric bus HVAC systems

Perfect to meet the customer's cooling capacity needs
Compact, aerodynamic design
The idea of high efficiency and innovation
Validated mass produced high quality bus ac parts
Continuous fresh air supply and optional heating features can provide comfort
Quick installation, very convenient
Low-cost maintenance, perfect after-sales system

Advantages of KingClima Electric Bus HVAC Systems

KingClima always stand next to customers and provide them with the best bus hvac system

All of our solutions meet the highest international quality standards and provide our customers with the latest technology. We always stand next to our customers and provide them with the best solution. Customers can safely rely on our years of technical and marketing experience. If you are interested in bus air conditioner, whether it is traditional air conditioner or pure electric air conditioner, you can contact us!
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