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KingClima Bus Air Conditioners - For Comfortable Travel

DATE: Nov 21st, 2022

KingClima bus air conditioners - for comfortable travel

Low noise design
Silencer, silencer sponge, etc. are used in the whole unit, and CFD simulation analysis optimization of pipeline fluid, so that the unit operation noise is reduced by 2~4 decibels, the silent performance is at the industry leading level, only for every decibel of ear protection during the journey.

Selection of environmental protection and energy-saving parts
The air conditioner shell is made of ultra-light and environmentally friendly LFT shell, which is lightweight, high-strength, environmentally friendly and recyclable, and is the first of its kind to be applied in the bus air conditioning industry; the main power consumption parts, compressor, evaporator fan and condenser fan, are made of variable frequency technology, which can achieve energy saving of more than 10%, save the use cost and protect the environment.

New technology of low temperature heat pump and battery heat management system
Whether you are in the hot furnace city in summer or in the cold northern land in winter, KingClima bus hvac system provides you with a comfortable mobile space; it is the first in the industry to use the enthalpy supplement technology to create low-temperature heat pump bus air conditioning products for buses, increasing low-temperature heat production and improving heating efficiency, the products can achieve reliable and stable operation in the ambient temperature range of -20℃~50℃, and the power consumption in winter is more than 50% lower than that of The power consumption in winter is more than 50% lower than that of PTC.

KingClima Bus Air Conditioners - For Comfortable Travel

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KingClima air conditioning solutions for buses rely on the industry's advanced technology support, comfort is a natural attribute. KingClima air conditioner is willing to provide more comfortable driving experience for your journey, no matter it is cold or hot.

KingClima Bus Air Conditioners - For Comfortable Travel
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