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How To Check And Maintain The Cleaning of Conventional Bus Air Conditioners?

DATE: Nov 24th, 2022

First, the bus air conditioning before operation check items

1, open the return air grille screws, the return air grille inside the dust screen out for cleaning (clean with water and neutral detergent, dry in the shade), according to the use of different regions recommended cleaning 2-3 times a week.
2、Use flashlight to check the evaporator core side dust net at the return air grille, press the dust net with your hand, if a layer of floating ash is deposited on your hand after pressing, please go to the service station for cleaning.
3, the return air grille in each pipeline interface, to ensure that there is no loose and oil leakage, electric control box insurance and module is not loose, and clean the dust above the electric control box.
4, open the engine hatch, check the compressor harness plug, pressure switch harness, air conditioning insurance fixed point and pipeline interface, no loose and oil leakage.
5、Press the compressor to the middle of the engine belt by hand, 8-10mm is normal, press more than 10mm need to adjust the tension.
6, new compressor break-in period of 3-6 months, check whether there are oil stains at the compressor shaft seal, oil stains need to be cleaned, oil guide tube drain once a month for 3-6 months.
7, refrigeration oil through the compressor oil window to observe whether the color is transparent and normal, and the oil level is not less than 1/4, not higher than 3/4 for normal, such as the compressor shaft is lower than 1/4 timely to the service station repair.
8, use and stand on the escalator, check whether the condensing fan is intact, check the condenser cover filter for debris, if there is debris needs to be removed in a timely manner.

How To Check And Maintain The Cleaning of Conventional Bus Air Conditioners?

Second, when bus hvac system is running check items

1, open the air conditioning panel switch, the panel operation status display complete normal, no fault code flashing, such as the upper left corner of the panel display "Er01" or "Er04" and other faults should be promptly reported to the service station.
2, feel with your hands above the passenger seat, air conditioning duct all the air outlet air volume, confirm the corresponding air volume on both sides of the size of the same, such as inconsistent air volume or air volume is small, please promptly to the service station for inspection and repair.
3、Open the air return grille, wait for 15 minutes after the vehicle runs, check the refrigerant flow in the sight glass, occasional bubbles are normal (if there are many bubbles, it is recommended to go to the service station for professional measurement); observe the green mark in the sight glass, green is normal, yellow needs to go to the service station for overhaul or maintenance.

How To Check And Maintain The Cleaning of Conventional Bus Air Conditioners?

Third, safety precautions

Before inspection, turn off the vehicle and turn off the whole vehicle total power supply, wait for 3 minutes after the voltage is all released, and then clean and other related operations to ensure that the return air net or dust screen without water drops and completely dry, and then resume installation. Two people should be arranged to be responsible for inspection and maintenance, one person is responsible for the vehicle and air conditioning on and off, and the other person is responsible for inspection to avoid the danger caused by other people starting the vehicle when they are unaware of it.
During the inspection, if the vehicle and air conditioner are in the starting state, please pay attention to keep a safe distance from the inspection parts to avoid causing personal injury; it is strictly forbidden for the inspector to ascend the roof of the vehicle for inspection without protection, and to use a hand ladder for overhead inspection to ensure safety protection.
After inspection, ensure that all parts are restored to their original position to avoid damage and loss of parts caused by running on.
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