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8 Sets of Bus HVAC System KingClima240E Exported to Meico

DATE: Feb 15th, 2023

8 sets of bus hvac system KingClima240E exported to Meico

The transportation industry in Mexico is evolving and making the switch to electric vehicles, and with this change comes the need for efficient and reliable air conditioning systems. To meet this demand, KingClima260E, a leading electric bus hvac system, exported to Mexico recently.

8 Sets of Bus HVAC System KingClima240E Exported to Meico

KingClima260E: the efficient and reliable electric bus air conditioner

Kingclima260E is a cutting-edge HVAC solution designed for 8-10m electric buses with a cooling capacity of 26kw. This system offers a range of advanced features that make it an efficient and reliable choice for your electric bus.

Efficiency: The Kingclima260E is equipped with a DC variable-frequency compressor and brushless fans that work together to improve efficiency and performance.

Reliability: All components used in the Kingclima260E bus air conditioning have been selected to meet passenger car-level standards and boast an IP67 waterproof rating. Additionally, the system is protected by a range of safety devices, including high and low pressure protection, short circuit protection, phase loss protection, multiple insulation protection, and E-MARK certifications.

Advanced Performance: The Kingclima260E is designed to provide stable heating in even the harshest of conditions, with a low temperature heat pump that can handle temperatures as low as -20℃.

8 Sets of Bus HVAC System KingClima240E Exported to Meico

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Mexico's transportation industry can now benefit from the advanced technology and reliable performance of the KingClima260E electric bus air conditioner. With its efficient cooling, reliable components, advanced features, and light weight design, KingClima260E is sure to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for passengers on any electric bus or coach in Mexico.
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