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Top-mounted Independent BTMS KCDR Series

Applicable Fields: Pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen-fueled buses and rail pure electric locomotives
Cooling capacity ranges: 3kw-13kw
Product Description
The future of electric vehicles lies in the development of efficient and reliable battery thermal management systems (BTMS). As more electric vehicles enter the market, efficient and robust thermal management of batteries is essential to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operation. BTMS offers a variety of advantages – such as increased safety, efficiency, and battery life – that are essential for electric vehicle production.

In 2011, KingClima embarked on a pioneering journey of developing innovative battery thermal management products. After years of research and development, the first batch of products hit the market in 2016, marking a new era in the industry. To date, KingClima has sold more than 27,900 units, and the numbers keep soaring!
KingClima's thermal management products are a result of relentless perseverance and dedication to overcoming industry challenges. With advanced DC frequency conversion technology, highly efficient heat exchanger technology, high-voltage DC safety protection technology, electromagnetic compatibility technology, and the latest air conditioning and thermal management integrated technology, KingClima has set new standards of excellence in the industry.
Thanks to the company's cutting-edge R&D capabilities and rigorous quality management systems, KingClima's battery thermal management systems have a remarkably low failure rate, which is less than 0.09% – far below the industry average.

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Top-mounted independent battery thermal management products-KCDR series

Applicable Fields:

Pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen-fueled buses and rail pure electric locomotives.

Cooling capacity ranges:

Water-cooled unit model EDDR-01 EDDR-02 EDDR-03 EDDR-04
Rated cooling capacity (kw)  3 5 8 13
EER 2.2
Range of working temperature -10℃~55℃(COOLING)
Low voltage required power (W) 300 300 450 700
High voltage power supply (VDC) 600400-750)
Low voltage power supply (VDC) 24(18-32)
Compressor Highly 27CC Highly 27CC Highly 36CC 407C Highly 50CC R134a Highly 42CC 407C
Control power DC24V Battery pack provides on/off signal
Machine protection level  IP67
Refrigerant R134a R134a R407C/R134a R407C
Brine type 50%VV Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution
Size (L*W*H)mm 1300(L)*1920(W)*256(H)
Connector Flange / Header(φ25)
Connector Aviation Plugin/AMP
Low Voltage Power Distribution The unit comes with DC-DC/provided by the whole vehicle
System main configuration Highly compressor, parallel flow condenser, SPAL fan

Top-mounted Independent BTMS KCDR Series
Top-mounted Independent BTMS KCDR Series
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