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Why Is The Power of Bus HVAC System Higher Than That of Home Air Conditioner?

DATE: Jan 5th, 2023

Why is the power of bus hvac system higher than that of home air conditioner?

As a highly professional and comprehensive provider of bus air conditioning products, solutions and services, KingClima's bus air conditioner website also takes on the responsibility of spreading knowledge and demonstrating expertise. Today, we will explain a common knowledge in the industry: Why is the power of air conditioning solutions for buses so much higher than that of home air conditioner?
In fact, the technical principle of home and bus air conditioners is the same, both use the inverse Carnot cycle. The systems are also both composed of compressors, evaporators, condensers, expansion valves and other components. So what is the difference between these two categories?

Why Is The Power of Bus HVAC System Higher Than That of Home Air Conditioner?

The reasons are as follows.

Due to environmental requirements and industry laws, bus air conditioners generally use R134a (1234fy/CO2) refrigerant, and domestic air conditioners generally use R410a refrigerant. From the refrigerant work characteristics comparison, R410a unit volume cooling capacity than R134a, that is, the same displacement of the compressor, the use of R410a refrigerant to produce more cold capacity.
Home air conditioners are relatively simple to use and have a high degree of freedom in component size design. In contrast, bus air conditioners are more complex (e.g. cooling, heating, defrosting, defogging, etc.) and the size of the components is more restricted by the surrounding environment.
Compared with the house, the thermal insulation of the body is much worse than the building wall, and the glass area of the body can account for 30%, which is much higher than that of the general house, so the temperature inside the car cabin is more easily affected by the external environment.
The house is better than the car body insulation, so the main task of home air conditioning is to reduce the temperature of the air in the house. The bus air conditioner not only reduces the cabin air temperature, but also takes away the heat stored in the interior, solar radiation heat and heat transferred to the cabin from outside the car.
The volume of the car cabin will generally be smaller than the house, physical comfort will be more affected by the external environment, so the car cabin generally needs a lower temperature to allow people to feel the same level of comfort. You can refer to the comfortable temperature in summer, about 23℃ in the car cabin, and about 26℃ in the house.

Why Is The Power of Bus HVAC System Higher Than That of Home Air Conditioner?

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To sum up, the heat load of the car cabin is higher than that of the house, and the energy efficiency ratio of the bus air conditioner is slightly lower, so the car air conditioner will generally consume more energy than the home air conditioner.
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