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Why Choose Electric Bus Hvac Systems

DATE: Aug 5th, 2022

Why choose electric bus air conditioner

With the growing problems of energy shortage and environmental pollution, As the main force of traditional fossil energy consumption,the internal combustion engine vehicles is gradually gaining people's attention, and the clean and environmentally friendly electric vehicles are a good choice. As an important part of public transportation, electric buses are gradually entering people's life under the promotion of policy. The electric bus hvac systems is the most energy-consuming auxiliary subsystem in electric buses, which not only has a great impact on the range of the bus, but also is the main system to regulate the environment inside the car, and is the guarantee of safe driving.
The bus carriage is larger, its internal structure is more complex, and the number of passengers is larger, which has personalized demand for comfort. Vehicle operating conditions are complex and variable, and bus air conditioning is generally rooftop mounted. Therefore, the bus hvac system of electric buses needs special attention.

Why Choose Electric Bus Hvac Systems

5 sets of Kingclima260E air conditioning solutions for buses were exported to Mexico

Recently, 5 sets of Kingclima260E were exported to Mexico. The customer has a bus manufacturer who wanted to produce several electric bus air conditioners, so he contacted KingClima. Based on his needs, we recommended Kingclima260E for him.

Why Choose Electric Bus Hvac Systems

Reasons for choosing Kingclima260E bus air conditioner

Kingclima260E has a cooling capacity of 26KW and is designed for 8-10m electric buses. DC inverter compressor and brushless fan are used, which greatly improves efficiency, and its all components are up to passenger car level, with waterproof IP rating of IP67. Stable heating at - 20℃ by low temperature heat pump. It has advanced PI frequency control with stepless adjustment according to internal and external temperature, saving 15% energy.
If you need bus air conditioner, whether you want to buy an bus air conditioner or become our distributor, please feel free to contact us for more details!

Why Choose Electric Bus Hvac Systems
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