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What is NVH for Bus Air Conditioners

DATE: Jan 28th, 2023

What is NVH for bus air conditioners?

KingClima has built a modern bus air conditioning test center for buses in China with reference to international advanced standards. the NVH noise test semi-anechoic chamber is one of the laboratories.

What is NVH for Bus Air Conditioners

The role of NVH for bus hvac system

NVH is the abbreviation of three English words Noise, Vibration and Harshness, which is the general name of the indicators of noise, vibration and comfort of the bus. Broadly speaking, the occupant's tactile, auditory and even visual sensations in the vehicle belong to the scope of NVH research. For bus occupants, hearing is the second most important sensory channel after vision, so NVH is often the most superficial and direct to the user's feelings.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and comfort needs, as well as the continuous development of air conditioning solutions for buses technology, the NVH performance of automotive air conditioners poses more and more challenges, and the KingClima air conditioning noise testing and semi-anechoic chamber was established for the noise testing and analysis of air conditioning assemblies and condensing fans, evaporating fans, defrosters, wall-mounted electric heaters and other air conditioning products.

What is NVH for Bus Air Conditioners

KingClima is able to bring our customers the most perfect bus air conditioners that meet human comfort.

By establishing a series of product testing laboratories, we are able to develop products from a more scientific point of view to give bus passengers the most perfect comfortable ride. If you want to be our partner, welcome to inquire!
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