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The Significance of Battery Thermal Management System In The Whole Vehicle

DATE: Feb 1st, 2023

The significance of battery thermal management system in the whole vehicle

As the energy density of batteries continues to increase, the heat generation per unit volume also gradually increases. As a major component of electric vehicles, the decay rate of power batteries and their operating temperature are closely related. To enable safe and efficient battery operation, to slow down battery degradation, to extend battery life and to keep electric motors and power electronics operating in the optimum temperature range, their temperature needs to be controlled and managed accurately and reliably.

The Significance of Battery Thermal Management System In The Whole Vehicle

Advantages of KingClima battery thermal management system

High control accuracy: Adaptive fuzzy frequency conversion technology, precise control, water temperature can be controlled within the target temperature ± 0.5°C, effectively slowing down battery degradation and prolonging battery life
Energy saving: DC frequency conversion technology, high efficiency, energy saving, providing greater value for users
Electrical integration: The main control, DC-DC and drive are integrated, effectively improving space utilisation and reducing the size of the unit, retaining more flexibility for the whole vehicle layout
User-friendly human-machine interaction: real-time monitoring and display of system operating status

The Significance of Battery Thermal Management System In The Whole Vehicle

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the continuous upgrading of power equipment has led to higher and higher requirements for battery performance and battery modularity, and a series of problems caused by battery heat generation are becoming increasingly prominent. The products are used in a wide range of applications, including new energy buses and heavy trucks such as heavy trucks and mining trucks.

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