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Spring Is Here. Don't Neglect Bus Air Conditioning Maintenance!

DATE: Jan 7th, 2023

Spring is here, don't neglect bus air conditioning maintenance!

With spring approaching in the northern hemisphere, the issue of bus air conditioning maintenance cannot be ignored. Because the bus daily by the outside sand and dust, passenger sweat and poor air circulation and other adverse factors, easy to make the cabin produces unpleasant odor. So in the spring, how to maintain the bus air conditioner it?

Spring Is Here. Don't Neglect Bus Air Conditioning Maintenance!

How to use the correct bus hvac system

1. strictly comply with the operating instructions of the equipment itself operating specifications.
2. Reasonable adjustment of the bus temperature control (the best suitable ambient temperature for the human body about 24 ℃), without affecting the noise of the wind speed will be adjusted to strong air supply mode of operation, the full distribution of cold air in the bus (while all air vents in the fully open state).
3. The bus air conditioning unit can be turned on only after the engine is started (or after the new energy vehicle is finished with high voltage) and the operation is stable; the air conditioning system must be turned off before the engine is turned off (or after the new energy vehicle is finished with high voltage); if the air conditioning is turned on again after it is turned off, there must be an interval of more than five minutes to avoid malfunction caused by improper operation of the system.
4. Reasonable use of the new air switch, when the ambient temperature outside the bus is very high, should try to avoid using the new air switch. If ventilation is needed in autumn when the ambient temperature is not high, the air conditioning cooling operation should be temporarily closed and the equipment should be switched to the air supply operation.
5. When cleaning the bus health, please close the air conditioning fan to prevent dust blocking the air ducts cause air conditioning failure.

Spring Is Here. Don't Neglect Bus Air Conditioning Maintenance!

Second, how to fully check the air conditioning solutions for buses

1. Check the air passage of the condenser and evaporator frequently (recommended monthly) to see if it is smooth. If the air channel is blocked by dirt or debris, it should be cleared in time to ensure the smooth passage of airflow, reduce the heat transfer heat resistance of the condenser and evaporator, and give full play to the cooling effect.
2. When the air conditioning system is running, the amount of refrigerant in the system should be regularly observed from the sight glass to see if it is suitable. If there is no bubble in the sight glass, the refrigerant is normal; if there is bubble, it means the refrigerant is not enough, then the pipeline can be checked and the leakage should be repaired. When you need to replenish refrigerant, you should first evacuate and then replenish the refrigerant.
3. Check the rubber tube frequently (recommended monthly) to see if it is aging and brittle and if there is any freezing oil in the tube joint.

Third, how to clean the bus air conditioner regularly?

(The reliability of the air conditioning unit comes from timely and proper maintenance)
More sand and dust in early autumn, these easy to make the air conditioning bacteria, moldy smell, for the sake of bus maintenance and the health of the driver and passenger breathing, should do air conditioning air return grille, filter cleaning, disinfection on a regular basis.
01. Clean the return air grille filter
Open the air conditioning air return grille, take out the air return grille filter, use clean water and neutral detergent for cleaning, and then put it in a cool place to dry.
02. Clean the air return air outlet
After removing the filter, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a round brush to absorb the dust on the grille of the air return, after the surface is vacuumed, you can open the air return and use an old toothbrush to brush out the dust at the dead end for basic cleaning.
For deep cleaning, you can mix the environmental protection polymer antibacterial agent, PE polymer germicidal disinfectant, 3M deodorant in proportion to the antibacterial agent, evenly spray the parts that need antibacterial, wipe the air return with a wet towel after treatment, and finally dry with a dry towel.
03. Clean the air conditioner evaporator
Because the evaporator in the air conditioning work will produce a lot of condensate, when the air conditioning stop working, the dark and humid environment in the evaporator box is very easy to breed bacteria, in the long run will seriously affect the bus interior environment, and even health hazards, so regular cleaning of the evaporator is very necessary.
The first step is to use the foam cleaner and spray the foam into the evaporator box through the matching pipeline. After the foam melts, the dust and all kinds of mold will be cleaned and discharged through the air conditioning drain.
In the second step, after removing the air conditioning filter, spray the professional air duct cleaner into the air conditioning inlet, then turn on the air conditioning to the maximum air volume, and replace the new air conditioning filter after a quarter of an hour.
So a set of processes down, the air conditioning can get a more comprehensive cleaning, the air in the bus, whether the smell or quality, can be greatly improved.

Note: It is recommended that if the bus air conditioning unit is not used for a long time, for example, in winter, the air conditioning unit must be run once a month for at least 30 minutes each time. This will prevent the compressor's sealing gasket and bearings from drying out. The compressor will only be lubricated when the air conditioning unit is running. To run the unit in winter, the temperature in the compartment must be higher than the thermostat disconnection temperature (so if needed, the compartment is heated or by holding the return air sensing probe by hand so that the clutch is engaged and the air conditioner runs) to ensure that the system is always in optimal condition.

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