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KingClima Provide Bus HVAC System For Hong Kong Bus

DATE: Nov 18th, 2022

Ding Ding bus was well received

On June 6, 2016, when the first air-conditioned sky-blue Ding Ding bus with the number "88" was driven out from the factory, it was surrounded by people waiting at the station outside the factory, and the excited crowd and media reporters surrounded the air-conditioned Ding Ding bus to take pictures and go into the bus to experience it, and the two-story Ding Ding bus was instantly filled to capacity.

KingClima Provide Bus HVAC System For Hong Kong Bus

We provide bus hvac system for the Ding Ding bus

Ding Ding bus, Hong Kong's unique double-decker tram, the shape of the double-decker bus more "long and thin", this century-old transport, witnessed the history of Hong Kong for a hundred years. In the early days, there was no bus air conditioning in the Ding Ding bus, and the comfort in hot weather was poor. Hong Kong tram had used busRIER and THERMO KING to provide cooling solutions, but the final product experience is not satisfactory, Hong Kong tram invited us to participate in the Ding Ding bus bus air conditioning design, received the customer's request, the company first organized technical forces, according to the Ding Ding bus operating environment, driving routes and use habits to develop a new air conditioning solutions for buses, after several months of successful manufacturing and through the rigorous laboratory testing, delivered to customers.

KingClima Provide Bus HVAC System For Hong Kong Bus

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In the future, more than 200 Ding Ding bus equipped with KingClima bus air conditioners will continue to serve the passengers and tourists traveling to and from Hong Kong.
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