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KingClima Bus Air Conditioning Can Do More Than Just Cooling And Heating

DATE: Jan 30th, 2023

KingClima bus air conditioning can do more than just cooling and heating

KingClima is not just a simple bus air conditioner supplier, we have been at the front of the industry in the fields of air conditioning solutions for buses lightweight, heat pump air conditioning and thermal system simulation analysis have many cutting-edge technological advantages.

KingClima Bus Air Conditioning Can Do More Than Just Cooling And Heating

A. Energy saving

Variable displacement can adjust the technology: combined with the fan PWM speed control technology to achieve flexible frequency work, more energy-saving
Electronic expansion valve fine control: Combined with the temperature difference between inside and outside of the vehicle, the refrigerant flow is precisely adjusted to achieve the best energy-saving effect.
Fuzzy high-efficiency energy-saving control technology: according to the bus air conditioning operating conditions, the main energy-consuming equipment of the system is unloaded and controlled by variable speed to ensure the temperature inside the bus and save energy.
Low-temperature enthalpy technology: solving the problems of low-temperature heat production and low heating efficiency, reducing the average daily energy consumption by more than 30% in the -10℃ area compared with the ordinary heat pump type bus hvac system.

KingClima Bus Air Conditioning Can Do More Than Just Cooling And Heating


B. comfort

Computer-aided analysis technology: Through computer-aided analysis, we can analyze and evaluate the wind speed distribution and temperature field in the air ducts and passenger compartment of the whole vehicle to improve the riding comfort.
Temperature and humidity control technology: unique temperature and humidity control system in the bus, combined with the latest European temperature and humidity, comfort curve, relying on the postdoctoral station for refrigeration deep research, to achieve the best customer experience
Fan noise reduction: through the evaporation and condensation fan motor and blade optimization technology, the development of low-noise fan to reduce noise and improve comfort
Noise reduction technology: Adopt system pipeline silencer technology to significantly reduce compressor discharge pulse noise and pipeline vibration

KingClima Bus Air Conditioning Can Do More Than Just Cooling And Heating

C. light weight

Full DC inverter technology: the weight is reduced from 44Kg of compressor and 15kg of inverter to 7.5kg, and the weight of the whole air conditioner is reduced by more than 30% compared with AC products
SMC/LFT/RTM one-time molding technology: SMC/LFT/RTM material finished density of 1.2 ~ 1.6, 20% ~ 30% lighter than the same strength of aluminum alloy air conditioners
Micro-channel heat exchanger technology: the industry's top micro-channel heat dissipation flat tube, significantly reduce the weight of the heat exchanger itself, 60% lighter than the tube and sheet heat exchanger
Aluminum alloy frame structure technology: the condensing heat exchanger shell adopts a frame structure to support the heat exchanger while reducing the overall weight. Integrated arrangement with the condensing heat exchanger, heat exchange efficiency is improved, and the cooling effect is remarkable

KingClima Bus Air Conditioning Can Do More Than Just Cooling And Heating

D. environmental protection

Air purification technology: through air purification technology, the PM2.5 concentration in the bus can be maintained at 40 micrograms/m³ within 60 minutes, far below the national standard of 75 micrograms/m³, while achieving the effect of sterilization, killing, deodorization and purification of the air in the bus
Strict environmental protection requirements: all kinds of parts of Colin air conditioners are screened according to strict environmental protection standards, and environmental protection tests far above the industry standard.
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