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How to Maintain Bus Air Conditioner?

DATE: Oct 20th, 2022

How to maintain the bus air conditioner?

1、Compressor oil collection tube
Check whether the compressor oil collection tube is stored in oil, if there is too much oil in the oil collection tube, it is necessary to drain the oil
2、Air-conditioning operation logic
Check the air conditioning operation logic, CNC panel and electronic control box operation logic is normal, if there is an abnormality, replace the panel
or electronic control box accessories, or contact service personnel for program debugging

How to Maintain Bus Air Conditioner?

3、Pressure switch
Check whether the pressure switch harness is too tight or too loose, whether the pressure switch connector has broken traces, re
Tie the harness or replace the pressure switch
4、Fan harness
Check whether there is interference or wear between the condensing fan connection harness and the fan cover, if there is interference or wear, re
bundle the harness
5、Water-cooled unit
Check the coolant of the water-cooled unit and detect the water temperature sensor, if there is a lack of coolant, it should be added in time; if there is an abnormal measurement of the water temperature sensor, it should be replaced.
If there is abnormal measurement of the sensor, it needs to be replaced in time
6、Skirt core
Check whether there is dirty blockage in the condensing core assembled into the cabin, and use high-pressure water gun to clean it.

How to Maintain Bus Air Conditioner?

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