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How to Clean The Electric Bus Hvac System

DATE: Jan 11th, 2023

How to clean the electric bus hvac system

If the bus air conditioning filters are not cleaned according to the regulations, once a large amount of dust enters the evaporator core, it will seriously affect the heat transfer efficiency of the evaporator, the cooling effect will drop significantly and the electricity consumption will rise straight away. In serious cases, the filter will be blocked, the air conditioning wind will be small, and the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator will not evaporate completely into the compressor, causing the compressor to "liquid strike".
After the bus air conditioner has been used for a period of time, there will be many flocculent attachments on the dust filter. These attachments are made up of dander shed by the human body, suspended matter from cleaning, taking off and changing clothes or smoking, etc. These attachments become a breeding ground for bacteria. According to professional doctors, if you do not pay attention to air conditioning cleaning, these substances will be sent into the car with the cold air, which will not only lead to dizziness, drowsiness, sneezing and other uncomfortable symptoms, but also may cause allergic skin disease or induce asthma.

How to Clean The Electric Bus Hvac System

Air conditioning solutions for buses cleaning methods

(1) Return air filter cleaning
First of all, use compressed air to clean the flocculent attachment on the surface of the return style grille, spray fungicide, and then use water to clean the dust attached to the filter (where available, high-pressure water gun, high-pressure water gun nozzle as far as possible into a dispersion to prevent the local grid from being washed out) until the water is washed out clean, and put the clean filter into ventilation or sunlight to dry until no water drips down.
(2) Core dust screen cleaning
Put the core dust screen in the water soaked with detergent, and then scrubbed, put in clear water (available in places with conditions, high-pressure water gun, high-pressure water gun nozzle as far as possible into the dispersion, to prevent local grid washed bad), until the water washed or washed out clean, and the clean screen put in ventilation or sunshine to dry, until no water drips off.
(3) Evaporator core body cleaning
Remove the dust net from both sides of the air conditioner evaporator. Then use compressed air to clean the dust on the fins of the evaporator core. Then use a water gun to rinse the evaporator core (laundry detergent can be used to clean it with the help of a brush if needed). Finally, use compressed air to unclog the evaporator drainage pipe, blow clean the evaporator core and PTC temperature control plug-in on the water.
(4) Condenser core body cleaning
The condenser core body on both sides of the debris clean up. Then use compressed air to clean the dust on the fins of the condenser core. Then rinse the condenser core with a water gun. Finally, check the condenser drain holes for debris or dust and clean them to ensure smooth drainage.

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Bring comfortable experience to passengers is the vision of KingClima bus air conditioning

The new energy electric bus air conditioner system, like other components, requires not only standardised use, but also careful maintenance. This is how it can be used to maximum effect and bring a cool and healthy environment to passengers.
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