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How To Achieve "Daily Super Long Mileage" Operation Of Electric Bus

DATE: Jul 29th, 2021
The comprehensive promotion of new energy buses has become an important link in promoting global green and low-carbon development. From the global point of view, passenger cars continue to realize the electrification, the electrification of transport vehicles is accelerating.

For a long time, restricted by the vehicle mileage, infrastructure and other supporting facilities, how to achieve the efficient operation of pure electric bus has become a problem facing the industry. Now, new lithium titanate batteries offer the latest solution to this conundrum.

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New lithium titanate battery while maintaining the battery fast charge, long life, high safety features, which can realize more than 20000 times the charge and discharge, far higher than that of traditional li-ion battery. Reduces the customer's concern about the battery attenuation of pure electric bus need to replace the battery and other problems after running for a period of time . 

Through further technological innovation, the energy density of lithium titanate battery has been improved and optimized, which means that the vehicle can carry fewer batteries to meet the operational requirements, thus reducing the weight and consumption of the vehicle, thus achieving the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and also extending the vehicle's endurance mileage accordingly.

The new lithium-titanate battery makes the vehicle realize the combination of "fast charging + fast charging station + long line", so that the charging time of the vehicle is also significantly shortened, up to one third of the original similar models. With the support of new technology such as lithium titanate battery, it is believed that the development of pure electric bus will be better and better

kingclima electric bus hvac systems

What KingClima Do to Deal With the E-Bus World ?

As the world's leading brand of bus air conditioners, KINGCLIMA has been committed to the research and development of electric bus HVAC systems, constantly improving technology to provide a perfect electric air conditioning solutions and products for electric buses, and contributing to the global development of electric development and green and low-carbon development.

Cooperate with KingClima in E-Bus Market

For the e-bus air conditioning system field, we not only provide the e-bus air conditioning system, but also have the optional choice for comfortable solutions: electric bus heaters, PTC bus heaters, electric bus defrost and battery thermal management system. We can cooperate with OEM bus factory and also can serve for the aftermarket bus repair service market. Welcome for your enquiry! busclima@kingclima.com 
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