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Electric Bus Air Conditioner Market Has Been Developing Rapidly

DATE: Jul 28th, 2022

Electric bus hvac system have many advantages

With the growing energy crisis, traditional fuel vehicles are no longer able to meet people's requirements for environmental protection because they consume large amounts of oil and cause serious pollution to the environment. Pure electric bus and pure electric bus air conditioner are widely concerned by the world for their low energy consumption, low emission, no pollution to the environment, low noise and other advantages, as well as the power and economic characteristics that are close to or even beyond the traditional fuel vehicles.

Electric Bus Air Conditioner Market Has Been Developing Rapidly

Chinese electric bus air conditioning market has been developing rapidly

In recent years, Chinese electric bus market has been developing rapidly, and the national industrial policy has encouraged the industrialization of pure electric buses, and investors are paying more and more attention to the pure electric bus market, which has led to more research on the development of the electric bus market. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of electric bus hvac systems in China, KingClima has extensive experience in air conditioning solutions for buses.

Electric Bus Air Conditioner Market Has Been Developing Rapidly

Kingclima260E bus hvac systems delivery to Germany

Recently, a customer from Germany purchased 5 sets of bus air conditioners. This customer owns a small bus manufacturer and he wanted to purchase some air conditioners for 8-10m buses. Based on his actual needs, we recommended the Kingclima260E.
Kingclima260E is suitable for all kinds of electric buses, roof-mounted and equipped with a electric scroll compressor. It is suitable for 8-10m electric buses and coaches. Optional heating system, DC400-750V voltage, R407C refrigerant, 4 condenser fans and 6 evaporator blowers are available.

Electric Bus Air Conditioner Market Has Been Developing Rapidly

Cooperation with KingClima

The trend of replacing traditional fuel vehicles is irreversible, and air conditioner manufacturers should actively adapt to and promote the development of new energy vehicles. If you are interested in bus air conditioners, please contact us for more information!
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