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80 Sets of Bus Air Conditioner Exported to The DRC

DATE: Jan 9th, 2023

80 sets of bus air conditioner exported to the DRC

The 80 sets of bus hvac system purchased by the DRC arrived in Kinshasa and will be put into operation there. The bus air conditionings will be installed on school buses and will effectively solve the problem of comfort for students travelling to and from school with greater safety and better comfort.

80 Sets of Bus Air Conditioner Exported to The DRC

KingClima air conditioning solutions for buses are being used to improve student comfort

Located in central Africa, the DRC is known as the 'heart of Africa' and most of its roads are in poor condition due to years of war damage and lack of maintenance. The capital, Kinshasa, has been rebuilt in recent years, but the roads are still very poor overall. Faced with the problem of difficult transportation and the lack of vehicles, the government of the DRC has proposed to improve the travel problems of students. The bus air conditioners exported to the DRC were used for school buses.

80 Sets of Bus Air Conditioner Exported to The DRC

KingClima bus hvac system meet customer needs

In order to better meet the customer's requirements, KingClima, after full communication with the customer, customised the air conditioners, including adapting to the poor local road conditions and higher temperatures, so that the vehicles can ensure product quality and safety, but also adapt to the local development level in the DRC.
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