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15 Sets of Kingclima Electric Bus Hvac Systems Delivery to Romania

DATE: Jul 25th, 2022

15 sets of Kingclima electric bus hvac systems delivery to Romania

The south of Romania is one of the hottest regions, with a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius in summer. Recently, 15 sets of electric bus hvac systems were exported to Romania. The customer has a bus factory and needs bus hvac system for 7-9m buses. We recommended Kingclima240E electric bus air conditioning for him according to his actual needs.

15 sets of Kingclima electric bus hvac systems delivery to Romania

Customer feedback about bus air conditioner

After the customer received the Kingclima240E electric bus air conditioners, he was very satisfied with KingClima electric bus hvac systems. Kingclima240E is electric air conditioner for all kind of E-Vehicles, rooftop mounted, equipped with two sets of electric scroll compressors, make the cooling efficient best.

15 sets of Kingclima electric bus hvac systems delivery to Romania

Cooperation with KingClima

If you need bus air conditioners, please feel free to contact us for more details. We will offer the best service and solutions for you.
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