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Salt Spray Test Is A Mandatory Test For The Production of Bus Hvac System

DATE: Oct 27th, 2022

Salt Spray Test Is A Mandatory Test For The Production of Bus Hvac System

KingClima bus air conditioners have passed the standard salt spray test.

What is the salt spray test?

The salt spray test is a test that applies external corrosive factors to simulate nature's hot and humid pollution environment by spraying neutral or acidic water mist under the accelerating effect of certain temperature and air pressure in a confined space. At present, the test is widely used in the aerospace industry, automotive parts, electronics, metal materials, plastic products, cell phones, digital and other industries. As the core components of passenger cars, air conditioning systems also need to be salt spray test.

Salt Spray Test Is A Mandatory Test For The Production of Bus Hvac System

Salt spray box simulation produces corrosion is a common and destructive atmospheric corrosion, in which oxygen, humidity, temperature changes and various salt pollutants constitute the main corrosion components. Salt spray corrosion of metal materials mainly through the conductive salt solution penetrated into the metal internal electrochemical reaction, the formation of "low potential metal - electrolyte solution - high-potential impurities" micro-cell system, and the occurrence of electron transfer. Salt spray corrosion in the "focus on the destruction" of the role of the main is the chloride ion. It has a strong penetration, can penetrate through the metal oxide layer into the metal inside to destroy the metal passivation. At the same time, the test of continuous spraying, will cause the salt liquid film constantly settling on the surface of the specimen, the oxygen content is always maintained in a near-saturated state, the formation of corrosion products into the metal defects in the solution volume expansion, increase the internal stress of the metal, thus causing the protective layer of bulging and damage.

Salt Spray Test Is A Mandatory Test For The Production of Bus Hvac System

What are the hazards of salt spray corrosion?
1, salt spray corrosion can damage the surface of the specimen metal protective layer, damage to electronic components and lines.
2, salt spray landing on the surface of the insulator, the insulator surface resistance will be reduced, the volume resistance of the insulator will also be reduced after absorption of salt solution.
3, mechanical moving parts will increase friction due to salt spray corrosion, resulting in moving parts jamming.

Salt spray test equivalent time conversion
Neutral salt spray test 24 hours ≈ natural environment 1 year
Acetate fog test 24 hours ≈ natural environment 3 years
Copper accelerated vinegarate fog test 24 hours ≈ natural environment 8 years

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