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Control Panel for Electric Bus HVAC Systems

DATE: Jun 15th, 2021
Control panel, which is a very small device that mount on the front of driver’s cabs to showing the data of electric bus hvac systems. Usually, for the main functions of electric bus ac system is to cool down the temperature in bus. But for some high-end bus or coach that need more data to showing in the control panel, such as defrost function or heating functions.

KCM201 and KCM211 Control Panel Different Functions in Electric Bus HVAC Systems

KCM201 control panel is used for based bus or coach.
KCM211 control panel is used for luxurious bus or coach.

KCM201 and KCM211 Control Panel Different Functions in Electric Bus HVAC Systems

Cooling Function: both have the cooling function, it is the main and based function of the air conditioning solutions for buses.

Heating Function: The heating function need to add the PTC bus heater then can showing the heating data. It is an optional functions for customers.

Fresh Air Function: it is a based functions, all of our electric bus ac system has the fresh air systems to filter air in bus and bring passengers a comfortable and fresh air.

Air Purification: it is a based purifier system, and all of our electric bus ac system has this function, it is used to clean air. But if want to kill bacteria, PM2.5, bad smell, and virus, please add the professional bus air purifier systems and it has an independent control panel to showing more detailed air quality.

Eco Function: only for high-end electric bus ac functions, automatically adjust cooling capacity.

Defrost Function: high-end functions, need to add an electric bus defrost device, then can showing this data. It is an optional functions for customers, customers can choose it according to demands.

Dehumidification Function: it is high-end functions, for some areas, it is very moist, so customers can choose whether add this functions in the electric bus air conditioners.

Zonal control function: it is high-end functions, in the whole bus, passengers’ areas has a cooling logic, and driver’s cab has a cooling logic. The two areas are controlled by different systems in the whole electric bus ac systems.

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